Coronavirus prevention

Nowadays we’re passing hard times. This virus makes people feel stress. This virus exists since the 60’s but now the virus is more visible than old days. The symptoms are fever, fatigue and dry cough. There are other symptoms but they are less like nasal congestion, sore throat or diarrhea. Now, Chinese knows to treat the virus because of the necropsy they had make, so they are making a treatment.

The recommendations of prevention are:

  • Drink a lot of hot drinks like coffee and tea.
  • Drink a dip of water every 20 minutes so the virus goes through the stomach and the gastric juices neutralize it.
  • Make gargles with vinegar, salt or lemon, anyone with water.
  • Clean the metal surfaces because the virus stays during 9 days.
  • No smoking.
  • Wash your hands each 2 hours.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables with vitamin also high of zinc.
  • Prevent to not to have common flus.
  • If you have discomfort in the throat attack now because the virus lasts between 3 and 4 days until it goes to the lungs.

This are some recommendations to prevent you to not to get infected of coronavirus or COVID-19. The coronavirus started in China and goes through the world infected people but they are controlling it. We don’t have to worry this situation because there are more deaths in cancer or famine. We have to be conscious but we don’t have to be afraid.

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